Core Idea 核心理念

SkyLine. The horizon line separates the sky from the land or the silhouette of a city with buildings in the foreground and the sky in the background. The skyline plays on the unique impressions that different cities give, just as there are no two identical skylines in the world today. Human beings keep exploring untouched landscapes, constructing tall buildings, and settling a life of peace and happiness. We look at this city, wilderness, and sky from afar, and they change a thousand times with time and never stop. Wouldn't you have a lot of words to spill out under such a fascinating skyline?


Target 目标

 The core theme of our magazine is the sky and urban communities linked by the skyline and the life diary of people and nature. The magazine is a photography magazine that is also tightly related to science and literature. Specifically
1. It is scientific because we would focus on the experimental study about the atmospheric area(e.g. atmospheric pollution, atmospheric optics, cloud classification, atmospheric microorganisms, bird studies, psychology of weather on human moods, even astrophysics, etc.)
2. It can also be literary since we can stand in a philosophical perspective to taste the spirit as well as the more propounding value of the sky(e.g. by extension: hope, freedom, future and love and tolerance, as well as artistic topics: architecture, celestial bodies, religion, etc.)
3. We hope you can observe and record the beautiful things in both the city and the sky from either scientific or artistic angles. Photography is a good example.

我们杂志的核心主题是天际线所联结的天空和城市群落,更是人与自然的生活日记,而杂志是相关科普和文学,的摄影杂志。具体说,1.科学性是因为,我们侧重于天空的研究(比如大气污染,大气光学,云的分类,天体物理,大气微生物,鸟类研究,天气对人类心情的心理学研究等) 2.文学性是因为可以投稿对天空的理解,(比如引申义:希望,自由,未来和爱与包容,还有艺术话题:建筑,天体,宗教)等 3. 希望大家可以从科学和艺术两个角度观察并记录人们所生活的城市和那一片接连着的天空,摄影就是一个很好的例子。

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